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Hello! My name Amanda Bird and I am a third-year Carleton University student studying in the field of Biology, lead by an interest in genetics, microbiology, and the environment. My fascination with the environment was sparked from learning about issues such as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and the destruction of habitats such as the Great Barrier Reef caused by the poor habits of product production and waste disposal. I couldn’t believe the kind of damage that was happening to the ecosystems around me from something as unsuspecting as a plastic bag or bottle. These discoveries about the troubling problems that surround us has lead me to create the goal of helping to find simple solutions to environmental problems so that small changes in day-to-day habits can help the Earth recover from the damage of past and present behaviours.

I have just recently begun my Zero Waste journey as of April 2017 and I am working hard toward reducing my consumption of plastics and production of trash, one mason jar at a time. One of my main focuses is supporting local business and the community around me and purchasing products available without packaging, while refusing unnecessary products that do not have sustainable alternatives. Driven by the changes in the climate and habitats around the world, I know that small changes made at home and within the community can have worldwide effects to prevent climate deterioration and protect the world around us. My Zero Waste goal is to produce little to no trash by the end of the year, and to help teach those around me to question how things are packaged, particularly with respect to single-use plastics, and to choose sustainable alternatives in their everyday lives without sacrifice. Small, simple, daily changes in our lives can have huge consequences on our plastic consumption and will protect the world around us.

As a member of the SEA team, my drive for the Loving Our Local campaign is derived from a passion for knowing where products purchased in-store are from, and supporting other members of the community. Purchasing local products not only helps to better support our community, but also cuts down on transportation costs and the associated greenhouse gases, as well as allows for the opportunity for change at a local front to proliferate through a market and allows the community to make big environmental changes for the better. I can’t wait to see how the program unfolds! Feel free to follow me on Instagram or Twitter at @ZeroWasteSpace, or at my blog as well. Thank you!

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