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Hi, my name is Josh and I’m a supporter of sustainability and localism. Sustainability is important to me because it promotes a positive future. As a student I’m always looking forward; to new opportunities, innovations ways to make not only my own, but everyone’s future a bit brighter.

I believe that to achieve sustainability, one must move away from activities that have a limit and promotes renewable, sustainable full cycle solutions. These will benefit society and allow for future generations to enjoy the same activities. Localism plays an important role in sustainability. Localism includes shopping and investing in local businesses keep money in the community putting the money in the hand of the many not the few. Buying local is so much more than simply spending. By putting money into the pockets of local entrepreneurs we are actively building relationships, making connections and helping our community thrive. That money is also more likely to stay in our communities and benefit all those to live, work and play there. Supporting local also means that the products we buy, the services we receive and the food we eat tend to have fewer, more environmental inputs, more mindful execution and fewer emissions produced during production and transportation, lightening the impact on our environment.

There are so many reasons why I call myself a localist. Among the many are:

  •  Because it reduces emissions and protects the environment.

  •  Because shopping locally creates a relationship and often improves service received

  •  Because it boosts the local economy and benefits the many not the few.

Localism is important to me because it is benefits us all. We create a stronger, thriving community, we protect our natural environment and we stop looking at purely dollar signs. Instead we learn to value people, planet AND profit, creating balance.

Being a localist has benefited me in so many ways. From sponsorship of my sports teams growing up, to learning how to appreciate and respect my natural environment. Some thing as simple as getting my bike fixed at a local shop has had profound impact. During routine bike tune-ups, I was able to make a connection and eventually, I learned how to repair my own bike, allowing me to be more independent. I still return to the bike shop, they made a lasting impact on me.

I would encourage everyone to be a localist. The benefits are far reaching. Why not try it for yourself and see?

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