Local Business Listing Membership – Free

Our Requirements

  1. Ottawa locally-owned business (1-50 employees)
  2. 51% ownership of a business.
  3. Makes independent purchasing decisions of products and services.
  4. Promotes environmental, social sustainability


One line listing of company name, webpage, that includes a pledge towards sustainability.

Welcome kit : Posters Promoting your business, the importance of supporting Local businesses, 7 question guide before Starting Your Sustainable journey.”

Membership – $100/ year

Same as Local Listing Membership with added benefits

  • Discount on the Members Suite of services 
  • EZ 3P Self Assessment  is an on line 30 minutes self Assessment that takes you 
    1. step by step at your speed to begin and resources to spark the journey. 
    2. Pre-made sustainability questionnaire that allows our members to quickly start the journey with case studies and articles that walk through sustainability projects 
    3. Examples of local businesses initiatives that are doing well by doing good 
  • Sustainable Action Workshops : facilitated sessions, ensuring our members interact also giving a sense of connection and encouraging initiative, to create value, capacity and walk away with actionable goals.
    • Collective Wisdom Workshop a 90-minute facilitated session, pre-selected members using the Xchange Approach to have conversations topic for exponential outcomes, ensuring our members interact also giving a sense of connection and encouraging initiative, to create value, capacity and actionable goals.
    • Sector-Based  Workshops : Interactions and discussions to connect with members of similar products or services to talk about  issues and concerns so to find solutions.
    • Skills exchange workshops :  gives a brief overview of their journey on one or more projects that made their business more sustainable. Connect  to peers. 
    • Ask an expert workshop : Led by a local sustainability experts who shares their journey in helping make small businesses  in Ottawa sustainable. A  interactive sessions  learn about sustainability solutions 
  • SEA and be Seen Meetups : (when available) to meet in person our SEA and be seen monthly Meet ups with short 10 min presentation get Referral , meet sustainability experts that have cost effective solutions for sustainability
  • Basic profile with  your  contact info  Logo and pledge to sustainability  
  • Social media Post : we will post your business on our social media channels 
  • Case studies Our Website  has a number of cost-effective sustainability case studies, articles etc. that show clearly the return on investment for sustainability
  • EZ Forums to guarantee you get an expert answer within 48 hours with our ticketing system   .
  • EZ Portal Connect:  Our Online general  Forum to be able to create and answer posts with other small business members  who have completed EZ-3P Self-assessment  
  • Follow up Program ”  A check up  on how your journey is advancing or to support our member in the best way you like .
  • Canada-Ontario Job Grant — financial support for individual employers to purchase training for their employees 

Local Guides Promotion We will encourage via social media to post your business on Google Local Guides this is a  community of explorers who write reviews, share photos, answer questions, add or edit places, and check facts on Google Maps. 

Members Suite of Services and discounts

 Services that will help you save time money and effort on your sustainable journey 

  • Green business Certification : A 25% discount price at Green Business Bureau, this  is the trusted authority in green business. GBB enables businesses to understand, implement and certify green business practices.  facilitated by SEA  Step by step on line application with the Green Business Bureau (GBB) a sustainability certification authority that enables businesses to understand, implement and certify green business initiatives. 25% discount of posted price 
    1. Certification & EcoScore : The GBB’s EcoScore Dashboard remains a central pillar of your 
    2. EcoProfile – though you’ll notice a new layout for the page header that now includes your company’s logo.
    3. Green Mission & Commitments : GBB has always encouraged member businesses to define their green mission statement. The newly enhanced EcoProfile allows members to publish their mission statement and provide additional detail by publishing sustainable commitments in support of their overall green mission.
    4. Sustainability Accomplishments :In addition to sharing green mission and commitments, GBB now gives members an EcoProfile section to share their accomplishments and other milestones on their sustainable journey.
  • EZ 3P Assessment Plus $ 25  Get Mentioned on the EZ3P self-assessment share your initiatives, great examples or stories 
  • Enhanced profile with Video production 25% discount :  A 30 – 60  sec video profile and story and your pledge and accomplishments toward sustainability  
  • Good Choice Initiative directory  : This is an online sustainability hub that encourages people in the Ottawa area, including Gatineau and the Ottawa Valley, to live sustainably. We help you find local like-minded businesses and makers that uphold the social and environmental values that matter to you. 10% off posted pricing  
  • Google My business update $ 25 (Get discovered)   helps with registering  your business on Google My Business including basic information to create a profile  such as name, address , business hours and service you provide. This will help you become more visible (SEO) in google searches. also will prepare you to get the link for rating you, to send to your customer, put the link  on your email signature, invoices and webpage . 
  • Funding Connection (Soon) : A vetted list specific for Ottawa small businesses of grants, scholarships, fellowships and financial support that’s available to help Ottawa small businesses save time, money and effort that’s connected to sustainability. List is update yearly using this directory 
  • Podcast : (SOON )   Get focused as an Ottawa  small businesses  journey toward sustainability 
  • Promotion workshop, 25% discount : This is a dedicated workshop where you are the center of attention. You will can share your sustainability wins and challenges to a panel of experts and peers 
  • In kind exchange:  free exchange system to share services or products 
  • Meeting spaces: postings system with description of services for brick and mortar shops who want to share space during business hours , for members to meet or co-work. Such ie.  coffee shop to book a table for free or pay what you can off peak and on peak pay $$ to reserve 

Partners Membership – $250

Partnering businesses contributing to initiatives and projects that help our mission, objectives and members benefit such as Partner Perks discounts, special projects collaboration or services that complements SEA objectives, in exchange for premium promotions.

Partners Perks (coming soon): A yearly promotion discount book of local businesses products and services .