Partner Projects

Energy saving projects

The Ottawa Hospital has saved $20Million through energy conservation.
List of 20 Energy Management Case Studies in Ottawa (Courtesy of Sustainable Eastern Ontario).
Help us make your business a shining example of what’s possible while saving you money and helping the environment.

Green Transport Project

Work with Ottawa EV Club to research best EV for commercial use. Local manufacturers like Lion from Quebec have new electric commercial vehicles.
Working with businesses we could set up charging hubs at different corners of the city for efficient charging of vehicles.

Towards Zero Waste

Waste reduction week 

City of Ottawa – Yellow Bag Program . The City will collect composting and recycling for free! Just buy garbage bags. We can show you how to reduce your garbage.

Get Inspired!

Zero Waste Retail – NuGrocery

Zero Waste Businesss – Interface Carpet

Work with us to create sector based projects minimize waste. We can review sourcing of raw materials, see if there are recoverable materials that can become inputs for your business.

What outputs from your business can be inputs to another business in the area.

Partner Projects

Our Partner OBEC has Sustainability themed projects around the community. Perhaps you would like to join forces with them in the community you serve.