VWG – Business Development

Volunteer Working Group – Business Development


Create tools and processes to help small businesses develop efficiencies for growth, opportunities within and between organizations, for a long-term value for our Ottawa local sustainable businesses

Some tasks:

  • Develop a repository of resources (electronic) for the use of SEA members and submit to the Webmaster for inclusion on the website
  • Develop a strategy for an education program that lines up with SEA objectives and identified by the Business Sectors group and members.
  • Manage communications with the Webmaster to update event calendar regarding monthly seminars
  • Help create any activity or collaborative projects with our business members or non-profit or affiliations that can serve the purpose of “developing’ sustainable business practices. Activities can be done internally or externally by listing members who are business development consultants.

External sustainable business development can be facilitated through Planning and B2B collaborations, which are put in place to help Ottawa small businesses.