VWG – Marketing

Volunteer Working Group – Marketing


Ensure increased awareness and understanding of SEa mission to its members, potential new members

Some tasks:

  • Develops and executes strategies to promote SEA and its activities through various means such as local media outlets, trade shows, events, etc; collaborating with other Working Groups to support their marketing needs.
  • Develop and deliver professional presentations to new members groups, sponsors or partners.
  • Conceive, create and provide necessary printed or online information and materials to assist promotion and awareness of SEa and its activities. This may include press releases, email blasts, editorial articles, content for displays, assorted handouts or brochures, business cards etc), graphic and photographic images for marketing deliverable (i.e. photos, logos, illustrations, schematics etc).
  • Collaboration with Webmaster working group to ensure marketing content available online as appropriate.