What Is a Sustainable Business?

A Sustainable Business:

Is an enterprise that has minimal negative impact, or potentially a positive effect, on its local even global environment, community and economy
A business that strives to meet the triple bottom line –
A balance of
People, Planet and Profit
Doing well by doing good

Businesses or entrepreneurs are best positioned to be proud change agents to influence Consumers and Producers.

A sustainable business model: a business model that creates, delivers, and captures value for all its stakeholders without depleting the natural, economic, and social capital it relies on.

What gets measured gets managed: We help facilitate a self audit to find good things you’re doing and easy things you can do, https://sustainabilityadvantage.com/businesscases/company-level-business-case/

Building resilience: starts within individuals and then radiates throughout a community through healthy networks. Individuals become empowered, skilled and supportive. (permaculturevisions.com)

People = Social = Human capital

Planet = Environmental = Natural capital

Profit = Economic = Cost-saving – Risk management – Increase revenue

PEOPLE – Human capital – is basically everyone touched by the business, including employees, customers, suppliers, and your community. The best way to assess how you’re doing on the human side of the triple bottom line is to take the 3P EZ audit . This will help you to evaluate your company’s practices in areas ranging from employee engagement to involvement with your local community.

PLANET – Natural Capital In Your Business

Natural capital is continually providing us with something of value, whether it is the air that we breathe, the water that we drink, or the raw materials that we use in our products.

In general, any steps that you take to reduce waste, conserve water, and improve energy efficiency will move you in the right direction

Sources : Cultivating Capital , a Certified B Corporation and a USA Green Business Sustainability advantage.com
Bob Willard is a leading Canadian expert on quantifying and selling the business value of corporate sustainability strategies.

PROFIT – Economic – A business exists if it makes money, a model focused solely on financial profit is inherently unsustainable if it ignores the balance of two critical elements necessary to its success: human capital and natural capital, working in a way of People Planet and Profit should be regenerative this process is the whole point.

Why SEAlliance.ca focus on Small Business , more than three quarters of Ottawa businesses are less than 20 employees

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