About Us

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Statement of Purpose

Vision: Make sustainability easy, time effective and inexpensive for Ottawa Small Businesses.

Mission: To have 75% of Ottawa small businesses as members on a sustainable journey by 2030 by using our easy self-assessment, certification, interactive workshops, community engagement and online tools.


Sustainable Enterprise Alliance (SEa ) was founded in June 2010, designed by Ottawa entrepreneurs for Ottawa entrepreneurs.

Incorporated in 2016 as a non-profit and launched ‘Loving Our Local”, a consumer initiative and signed up over 60 members. After a survey done in 2019 asking our members, “Despite the desire to be sustainable, what are your challenges?” Most answered, “We just do not have the time or money and it’s confusing.” This clearly defined the SEA goal is to make sustainability easy, time effective and inexpensive for Ottawa Small Businesses.

Sustainable Enterprise Alliance has undergone a rebranding and a refocus of its process and is newly introduced and promoted as “SEAlliance.ca ”.

In 2020, SEAlliance.ca is focused on Easy Self-Assessment, interactive workshops, community engagement and online tools to help small businesses to start their journey towards sustainability and bring together our members’ best practices and innovations toward a common future.

As a SEA Member, it means your business is on a journey committed towards sustainable practices that aim to balance People, Planet and Profit.

Why focus on Small Businesses?

More than 3/4 of Ottawa small business are under 19 employees


Prasanna Siva


Prasanna Siva is a co-founder of the Sustainable Enterprise Alliance. It was an idea inspired by the professors at Algonquin College’s Green Business Management Program. He leads a double life balancing his engineering day-job with his interest and deep belief in helping individuals and organizations walk down the road to sustainability. Technical expertise ranges from energy audits, software design, circuit design, test as well as quality assurance. He was a partner at MojaveNorth.com a software design firm specializing in class management and scheduling software.

Through his over fifteen years of managing complex projects he is able to clearly define milestones and lead teams to achieve business and technical project targets. He is a quick study who welcomes new opportunities and challenges.

He also is a teen-youth facilitator at the a local spiritual and religious centre as well as audio engineer and go-to person when things need to get done.

Guy Souliere


Co founder of Sustainable Enterprise Alliance

Guytel.ca since 1982 and Ecoace.ca in 2010

Guy Souliere is a bilingual entrepreneur and technician with over 39 years experience in telecom and business sales. He is an expert at providing hands on service catered to specific needs. A self-starter, Guy began in service, retail, small business, then diversified his portfolio with government telecom service and procurement, and creating a government waste diversion initiatives.

Guy works tirelessly to create a business culture for sustainability, continuous improvement and blurring the lines of fun and work. Dedicated to personal growth to teach lean and inspire, Guy is always looking for new learning experiences to help better serve his clients, community and environment.

Guy is community minded, focused on improving his community is, in part, what inspired the creation of the Sustainable Enterprise Alliance. in 2019 a Professors at Algonquin the green business management course connected him with other, like-minded students in his class. Guy is also a key participant of the Biodome initiative at Brewer Park Community Garden aimed at encouraging learning and inspiring collaborative study.

Henry Schroder


Henry Schroder was the Director of Energy Monitoring and Energy Management for the largest bakery company in Canada even building a bakery in Winnipeg heated by the waste heat from the ovens.

Since 2010 Henry has brought that same skill to everything he does here at iSolara and does an amazing job of managing a growing team. He continues to provide talks at events to help people clearly understand what solar can do for them and what a good solar install is.

Kristina Inrig


Is the Founder of Sustainable Foundation Inc (www.sustainablefoundations.ca) as well as SEA, a green real estate and investment firm in Ottawa that promotes sustainable investing opportunities and sustainability consulting. She has extensive experience in green business and green finance. She also heads up GreenBooks, a bookkeeping social enterprise that supports sustainability initiatives in Ottawa. Kristina has worked extensively in the sustainability non-profit sector for the past 15 years. She is the Executive Director of Sustainable Eastern Ontario (www.SustainableEasternOntario.ca) and founder of the National Capital Environmental Nonprofit Network. She is the past Executive Director of Tucker House and past National Director of Greening Sacred Spaces, a program of Faith & the Common Good. Her main non-profit roles include NGO management, capacity-building, networking, partnership development, financial management, fundraising, and governance. Kristina is currently completing her Master’s in Philanthropy and Non-profit Leadership (MPNL) at Carleton University.

Warren Abar

Board Member

A Professional Engineer started iSolara Solar Power in 2003 and worked diligently to use solar to displace GHG emissions

He first got involved in sustainability in his late teens and early twenties working on ‘Save the Whales’. Since that time Warren has worked on several environmental projects to save ‘wild’ places and sponsors several environmental charities such as the World-Wildlife Fund for more than 30 years. He has stepped up several times including providing the funding to start the BC Sustainable Energy Association.

iSolara Solar Power was designed to be a sustainable company focusing on the social, environmental and economic aspects of running a business and purpose to combat climate change reduce our GHG footprint while helping our customers reduce theirs. leading by example with electric/hybrid cars for providing service. isolara plan to shift trucks to electric as they become available.

With more than 750 solar projects installed in Canada, iSolara is one of the largest solar companies in Canada received the OSEA Smartrapeneur Award for 2018.

Warren is committed to sustainable practices and sustainable businesses.

Joshua David

Executive Director

Founder and managing director of STTLG sustainability Consulting.

Helping small businesses in the Ottawa are formalize sustainability projects, goals, and actions is the main function behind STTLG.

He is currently completing his Master of Arts in Climate Action and his expertise lies in business and sustainability, international business, and community and stakeholder relations. Joshua has sat on a committee in Victoria that analyses development and variance applications from local businesses and developers.

Creating and formalizing sustainability is Joshua’s passion. He believes in the strength of small businesses, that make up 30% of the Canadian economy, so that the credit behind the history of sustainable practices is rightfully given to this sector.

He has experience in diversity and inclusion in LGBTQ communities as a Youth Coordinator for an Ottawa-based queer youth group.

Creativity and positivity are a major part of Joshua’s daily life. He loves music, art, and riding his Harley in the summer.

Our Founding Members

  • Appleseed Farms
  • Aurora Environmental Consulting
  • BTC Consulting
  • BuildGreen Solutions
  • Cara MacMillan MBA
  • Carbon Solve Inc.
  • Cognivue Corporation
  • Chuck Mills Residential Design & Development Inc.
  • Credible Edibles
  • Cube Gallery
  • David Chernushenko – Green Economy Educator
  • EcoAce.ca
  • Eco-Source
  • Emile Péloquin, Fruits et Légumes Biologiques
  • Everything Music & DJ Services
  • EvolvHealth Ottawa
  • Exit Realty – Moving To Green Services
  • Five Winds International
  • Guytel Services Inc.
  • Greenvolution Inc.
  • Green Strokes Painting
  • Harun Rashid Green Business Consulting
  • Hilton Garden Inn Ottawa Airport
  • Homestead Organics
  • iSolara Solar Power
  • Jennifer Shepherd
  • Living Lightly Productions, Green & Gold Inc.
  • Loaves N Wishes
  • Mihai Sarbu
  • MojaveNorth Inc.
  • Moneca Kaiser Design Build
  • M.P. Lundy Construction
  • Natural Food Pantry
  • Neil Minshall Advertising & Designworks
  • Organically Gifted Inc.
  • Rainbow Natural Foods
  • Real Alternatives Inc.
  • RND Construction Ltd.
  • Rockhurst Careers Groups Inc.
  • Schroder Consulting
  • Stratos
  • Sustainable Behaviours Inc.
  • Sustainable Foundations Inc.
  • The Collective Conscience
  • The Delphi Group
  • The Healthiest Home Inc.
  • The Learning Catalyst
  • The Worm Factory
  • Thyme & Again Creative Catering
  • Wisdom Works Wonders
  • Workshop Studio & Boutique