Bike Scavenger Hunt - Can you Spot all Five in Fairmont Park?

“Concrete pooches sitting prettily, presumably watching their friends romp in the dog park.”

Miss Vicky’s Offhand Remarks

Fairmont Park is a community park at the base of a fault line with a tennis court, a children’s play area, some wide shaded grassy areas with benches and some informal dirt paths along the shrubby, wooded hill.  Private gardens have intentionally spilled over to the other sides of fences providing a lovely edging to the park on the north side and the shaded south side is a favorite for many dog walkers who can enjoy a sit while watching their dogs greet each other.

Over the years, a local artist has introduced many concrete statues in this park and they add a great touch of whimsy and delight.  There are five dog sculptures sprinkled around the park – see if you can find all of them!  And along with the dog statues you’ll find others taking up residence in the north end informal gardens.

This is such a fun subversive art project that reflects the energy and involvement of the local community!  Is there a project you’d like to do for your own neighbourhood?