Do you have a desire to be sustainable Business?

A balance of People, Planet and Profits

We Save you Time Money and Effort in making your Ottawa small business sustainable


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The major benefit of teams is they are able to achieve more than an individual would on their own.

EZ3P Assessment Plan

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Our EZ assessments and our online tools and certification are designed to save you time, money, and effort on your journey toward sustainability


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Working within the community is a passion for us. We want to bring people together to work on key sustainability issues.

It shouldn’t be hard to become a sustainable business

As a small business owner you wear many hats.

You need to have sound sustainability plan, but doing your own often steals valuable time and energy that you could be investing into growing your business.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

We are a non-profit created and designed by Ottawa Entrepreneurs.

We understand how difficult it can be for small businesses like yours to become sustainable because we have gone through the same struggles ourselves.

We are an organization in Ottawa devoted exclusively to help small businesses like yours become sustainable.

Knowing where to start on your sustainability journey can be challenging.

This is why we have created our free guide 7 Question You Need To Answer Before Starting Your Sustainability Journey.

How to get involved with SEA?


Join the community and start your sustainability journey. We guide you through programs to help you set and achieve your sustainability goals.


Connect with Ottawa entrepreneurs and sustainability experts. Interactive workshops, Events and member forums will allow you to get the support you need.


Implement a sustainability action plan starting with the EZ-3P. Plan an assessment that takes you step-by-step at your speed. Start your certification.

By Ottawa Entrepreneurs for Ottawa Entrepreneurs

SEA was founded as a non profit by Ottawa entrepreneurs for Ottawa Entrepreneurs
We found it hard to get information and services to help small businesses like us to become sustainable.


Guy Souliere, owner of Guytel

As a owner , I wanted to make my small business sustainable meaning to have minimal negative impact, and potentially a positive effect, in my community, so in 2009 I enrolled in a green business management course a 1 year program . This gave me the ability and tools to make a plan to make my business sustainable. Using this program and tools I found it easy to implement sustainability processes in my small business.
In doing so I save thousands of dollars per year. The entire staff loved it, got involved and came up with even more ways of making Guytel sustainable, and started successful “Blue Bin program” a federal government telephone repair program that 60 departments signed up for.
“Now I’m on a journey to help small businesses like Guytel become sustainable”
Thank you Adrienne

“Real dialogue exchange and Action to do well by doing good
Working on the principle of what is it you need then …
How can we help you save Time Money and Effort towards your sustainable journey



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