Are you a local independent business in Ottawa/National Capital Region and want to sign up for the campaign?

Requirements :

51% ownership

Makes independent purchasing decisions

Free listing

Why Local First?

We hear a lot about supporting and buying local but why is it so important? How does it benefit us?

  • Your daily cup of coffee

    Instead of buying coffee from a national chain, try a local coffee shop or roaster. Small coffee houses tend to have more variety as well. You may even discover a new way to get your caffeine!

  • Produce

    Try going to a farmers market or small local grocer. Your food will be fresher because it has travelled less and you may get to meet the person who grew your food. A farmers market is also a fun way to spend an afternoon!

  • Clothing

    Support a local retailer next time you need some new duds. The offerings at local stores tend to be more unique then their mass produced counter parts. Be fashion forward and community minded, it’s a win-win!

  • Restaurants

    Local restaurants and pubs are a great way to sample some of the delicious products your community has to offer. Local restaurants are more likely to support local producers so your food will be as diverse as the people who helped produce it.

Shift 10%

We know the many benefits to supporting local but sometimes it can be tough to identify ways we can support local businesses. Just shifting 10% of your purchases to independent local businesses can have great effects on your community. Shifting 10% doesn’t mean buying or spending more, it means spending different.

Some easy ways to start supporting local are:

  • Choosing a local independent business over a chain means more money stays and circulates through our community. This creates a stronger local economy with more diverse and unique businesses.

  • Independent businesses and organizations are more likely to reinvest in our communities. Local sports leagues, charities and organizations all benefit when we support local.

  • Supporting local is better for our environment. Creating thriving local centres prevents sprawl and keeps our communities accessible and walkable, cutting down on pollution.

  • Supporting local helps our communities stay unique. Local businesses and organizations give our communities a distinct character and culture, making our communities as diverse and special as the people who live in them!

  • When we think ‘local first’ we support our friends, family, neighbours and ourselves! These are people who are invested in your neighbourhood. We all have a vested interest in where we live, let’s celebrate that!


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