Plastic Free July: Week Three

Well, it takes 21 days to form a habit, or so they say. Hopefully now that Plastic Free July is coming to a close, our sustainable habits have taken root in our daily lives. In these final 7 days, we will be trying to push the boundaries of ridding our lives from the presence of plastic, and by doing so, we are running into unique challenges. Some of last weeks failures included unexpected gifts and tempting product samples, but this last and final week is designed for jumping headfirst into the more difficult choices and really committing ourselves to being prepared and ready to refuse plastic, and to accept more sustainable and responsible alternatives. Here are this week’s Successes and Failures from the Plastic Free July Challenge. 


Clare: I was given a gift in a plastic bag but have been still going plastic free! I am more aware of how much plastic I use but also the amount that are used on products. I have had more detailed conversations with people about the challenge too. Can’t wait for Nu Grocery to open!

Zheng Xin: One place that I have struggled with is trying to buy things such as hair ties or makeup products and realizing that they all have plastic. I tend to focus more on food related plastic waste but it is clear that there are many aspects of plastic waste including beauty products. I think in the future I would have to do more research on which brands have minimal packaging and go from there.

Amanda: This week has been a success! I am pretty set in my ways of coming prepared and ready for my day. Mason jars, stainless straws, cloth napkins, and tiffin containers are always in my backpack or in my hand, ready for the unexpected coffee or leftovers. I felt compelled to purchase some products to further my cause, like a reusable coffee mug, because I always felt unprepared for a coffee-date situation. Since the Plastic Free July challenge has opened my eyes to the problem of even reusable plastics, I opted to make a more sustainable choice. I narrowed a few cups down between stainless steel and glass, and wound up buying a glass coffee mug because of the price point, and because it was teal. I am a real sucker for the colour teal.

While the most sustainable option is something that already exists, but I had no luck finding this kind of item second-hand. Since glass can be infinitely recycled to make new products, I felt happy and confident in my choice, and I believe that I can now refuse almost all plastics with which I come in contact. I can change my life and my surroundings for the better to help others refuse plastics as well. 

Josh: Week 3 was by far the best. Plastic consumption went down however samples contained in plastic were my downfall. Some goals for the last week of the challenge include going with my parents to the farmers market and bringing reusable bags for my local, fresh, package free purchases. 



How was your Plastic Free July? Let us know below in the comment section, or on Twitter and Facebook.

Stay tuned next week for a special interview with a local company, who take this challenge to heart all year round! Can you guess who it is? Give it your best shot below!

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