Plastic Free July: Week Two

We are just past the halfway mark of Plastic Free July and have, for the most part, found our groove for making successful sustainable choices. There are still trip-ups here or there, but definite success has been made by those who joined the office challenge. Straws have been left behind for their stainless counterparts, mugs have been lugged, meals have been savoured in-shop instead of on the go, and we are making huge strides to keep those newfound habits for good. Here are our Week Two updates, and our goals for the upcoming week. 


Josh: I ashamed to admit that I was tempted by free samples to drink out of plastic cups. Fortunately, they were recyclable. Also, I struggled with getting away from plastic utensils at Bluesfest. It took me a few days to remember to bring a fork but now I always bring it. Ready for week 3.


Amanda: I have a small collection of plastic drink lids from businesses I have stopped at that couldn’t accept my mason or travel mug, but otherwise, I eliminated my plastic for the week! I am going to be more adamant when it comes to getting my beverages refilled in reusable containers from now on. While not completely waste free, I managed to make smarter choices in my day-to-day behaviours that have completely eliminated my need to straws, bottles, bags, and other single use plastics that litter our daily lives. Aluminium, glass, and steel are taking the place where plastic once stood, and I’m loving the durability and quality of the things that surround me. Food is heartier and healthier, containers are thicker and heavier than their cheap petroleum counterparts, and I hope the ocean can feel these changes too. If everyone can take the small simple steps, which can be done in as little as 14 days, then we can rid the oceans and the earth of at least 33% of our plastic pollution just by refusing single use plastics alone. Bye-bye to straws, bags, bottles, and lids, hello to a sustainable future. My goals for the next week are to think about how to reduce my food waste, and how to avoid packaging while shopping in retail stores or online. 


Clare: Week 2 is going much better than week 1 since I have been more prepared carrying metal utensils and my stainless steel straw around with me. I have been a little more vocal about refusing plastic items and happily explain why I want to cut back on my plastic use, #DidItForTheTurtles! I have been a little busy this week and made sure when I ordered food for take-out that it was not in plastic.
Zheng Xin: Something that I struggled with this week is plastic packaging surrounding grocery shopping. I usually forgo most plastic bags when grocery shopping, as when I buy something like mushrooms there are usually paper bags available, and most other fruits and vegetables that I eat I don’t mind getting a little dirty as I will wash them thoroughly. However this week there were no paper bags, and i wanted to buy some grapes but I forgot to bring a reusable bag for them. I think in the future I will invest in some cloth bags for grocery shopping. 


What are your goals for Week 3 of Plastic Free July? What are your successes? Your pitfalls? Stop by next week to see how we tackle Week 3 head on, and see how we creatively and actively work toward our goals.

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