Plastic Free July

Sustainable Enterprise Alliance is taking on Plastic Free July! Have you joined the challenge? Plastic Free July is an environmental initiative originating from Western Australia, but which is available for anyone around the world. The challenge runs the entire month of July, and is simple; “Choose to refuse single-use plastics during July”. Sounds easy, right? Well, in one word; yes. The challenge is easy, but you’re going to want to come prepared. We’ve put together a list of products that our team is going to avoid, and some savvy replacements to use instead of their single use counterparts. You can either expand or reduce the list as you see fit, but remember to avoid as many single-use plastics as possible. These include the biggest contributors to plastic pollution like coffee cup and lids, straws, disposable water bottles, and plastic shopping bags. Let us know below, or on Twitter and Instagram, how you plan on reducing your waste during the month of July and beyond!


Meet the Members of our Challenge Team: 

“What drives you to reduce your plastic waste?”

Amanda – “I am taking the Plastic Free July Challenge as a way to step forward toward my goal of being completely Zero Waste. I needed a push to take some bigger steps towards becoming waste free and this challenge seems like the perfect opportunity to do so.  I’m glad I get to complete this challenge surrounded by like-minded friends who will support me and push me farther in my journey towards Zero Waste!”

Josh – “I want to go Zero Waste to reduce the amount of plastics going into landfills and the oceans.”

Zheng Xin

Zheng Xin – “I am choosing to participate in Plastic Free July to try and reduce the amount of waste that I am putting out into the world. How much plastic are we going to produce before we realise that it is smothering the planet? Recently I have realised how much waste I produce through my everyday life, and I think that Plastic Free July will definitely challenge me to rethink how much plastic I really need to use vs how much plastic is convenient for me to use.”

David – “I am up for the challenge! I will be keeping a keen eye on my use of plastic food containers on days when I forget my lunch at home and I inevitably end up at the neighbourhood grocery store.”

Prasanna – “For July, I am going to minimise plastic packaging that cannot be recycled. I will get stainless steel straws and will try to wean my kids off the colourful plastic ones (Wish me luck!). I have also decided not to buy a to-go beverages for myself unless I bring a travel mug. Sorry Tim’s!”

Kathryn – “I’m participating in #PlasticFreeJuly because plastic is a cool resource that has so many applications in science, technology and medicine, and its dumb that we use it to carry groceries 50 meters to the car and then throw it away, where it lasts forever.”

Rose – “I want to take this challenge to see how much plastic I use and waste, and then how much I can reduce that amount in the future.”

Clare: “I want to see how much waste I am producing, and take it upon myself to reduce that amount as much as I can. I will be using July as a stepping stone to learn about my habits and form new ones that will help me become more sustainable and reduce my waste all year long.”

Keep checking back to the website, as well as our Twitter and Instagram for details and updates on how the Plastic Free July Challenge is going, and well as advice on how to get the most out of the next 31 days. Good luck and remember to #ChooseToRefuse!

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