Bike Scavenger Hunt - Somerset Square



The final stop of the scavenger hunt is Somerset Square.Sustainable Enterprise Alliance thanks you for participating in our bicycling scavenger hunt along Wellington West, home to Hintonburg and Wellington Village, we hope you had fun and learned something new about our community. Enjoy some fresh fruit and take part in the solar toy car fun provided by OREC. We hope you found many reasons today to continue ‘Loving Our Local’

Build and race solar-powered toy cars at the OREC information table.  Grasp the key concepts of solar power and use it to power a small toy car thanks to the sun’s abundant energy.  Parents can learn about investing locally and responsibly in the Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-op’s 17 projects.  OREC provides an alternative for those without the time, money, or space to invest in their own solar power system, and generates a fair return for investors.