Life Without Plastic is a local Canadian company, started by Chantal Plamondon and her husband Jay Sinha in 2006, after finding it nearly impossible to get alternatives to dangerous disposable plastics in their everyday lives. Sparked by chronic illness, the birth of their son, and the fact that the only choice available for storing extra […]

‘Well, today is July 31st, 2017, and that means Plastic Free July will officially end come 11:59pm tonight. That doesn’t mean that we have to throw away all of our newly found habits now that the 31-day deadline is over. It means that we get to keep moving forward towards a goal of completely eliminating plastic from […]

We are just past the halfway mark of Plastic Free July and have, for the most part, found our groove for making successful sustainable choices. There are still trip-ups here or there, but definite success has been made by those who joined the office challenge. Straws have been left behind for their stainless counterparts, mugs […]

Sustainable Enterprise Alliance is taking on Plastic Free July! Have you joined the challenge? Plastic Free July is an environmental initiative originating from Western Australia, but which is available for anyone around the world. The challenge runs the entire month of July, and is simple; “Choose to refuse single-use plastics during July”. Sounds easy, right? Well, in one word; […]